YRV Turbo induction nose


Hi, Anybody out there have an induction kit fitted to their yrv turbo.Does it make a extra loud suckin noise when excellerating ?.And the standard dump valve become loud as well,when you take your foot of the pedal ?.Thanks Darren.
Yellow Yrv Turbo 04

Yrv Induction noise

Hi ,I mean induction noise not nose, like on my heading. Dodgy keyboard Unknw



Haven't fitted one due to warranty.
Most people will be the same.
Had one on my 2 GTti's though.

An induction kit should alter

An induction kit should alter the sound of the car, depending on the make of air filter but the sound of the stock dump valve would not a change.
You would have to fit an after market dump valve.

As pointed out in the other reply it would invalidate the warrenty.

There are a couple of YRV videos here that have fitted induction kits, after market dump valves and exhausts, is this the sound you mean?



I have the Blitz induction ki

I have the Blitz induction kit - specific to the YRV Turbo. Plenty of hissing and whooshing noises when accelerating, and when you take your foot off the pedal. I haven't fitted a dump valve though.

Induction noise

I have the same kit, hissing really loud on excellaration, very quite on low revs.And hissing sound when you take yor foot off the pedal, sounds like its dumping excess pressure ! Nice sound though
thanks for your reply.
Cheers Darren.