Changing Heater Matrix



Sportrak '92 ELXi heater matrix leaking. Anyone changed one or repaired one before with any helpful hints would be greatfully received. I've had a quick look and it appears the bottom half of the dash needs to be removed as a minimum? It does't look like the matrix slides out of it's housing because the pipes go through the bulk head? Cray 2


hello i did mine about

i did mine about 6 months ago. it's a pain in the rectom. it took 2 of us about 5 hours. you have to take the lower part of you dash apart, but you won't remove it completly so you have to lift it, unbolt you heater box and try and squeeze it out. you may be able to remove the matrix without completly removing the box, i advise getting it done in a day or over a weekend as i left it a month and forgot where every thing went.


Thanks for that Sambo. Really looking forward to it now then! Starting to think this is a common problem in Sporty's??

Changing Heater Matrix

re sambos comment about forgetting where things go. I bought a cheap Fuji digital camera with the screen on the back. Now I just snap away as the job comes apart (pictures are dated and timed) then if there is a problem can just flick through to check it. My mate uses a camera on his phone for the same job.

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Thanks MoonRock, I had the same thought, one big benfit of the digital camera eh! Have you had to change your heater matrix too? I see a pattern emerging ( I think )



I recommend you DO NOT consider repairing a matrix. They are not worth repairing. Search this site and you will find the address and telephone number of 'Motor-Rads' in Reditch, Worcs, where you can buy [mail order or collect] a new matix. Diahatsu charge about £300 for a matrix. Motor-rad make a replacement for about £60.
To replace takes several hours. Remove both front seats. You need to unbolt and lift the whole dashboard. NOTE..Removing only the bottom half of the dash [radio section] will damage the heater connections and you wont get the matrix out!.The most difficult part is finding the hidden screws that hold the dashboard to the car body - prise of plastic caps at edge of windscreen and prise of the surround of the central gauges.Other bolts are obvious when looking under the dashboard -- securing bolts are visible from dash to car body. Also take care not to damage the heater levers which are behind the dashboard ... lifting the dash bends the levers. The matrix pulls out from the heater box towards the drivers side, lifting the whole dashboard [support it with a couple of blocks of timber] gives space for removal of the matrix. You will also need to get access beneath the car [can be done from above but beware of back ache] to remove the two hoses that connect to the matrix.