No four wheel drive


I have recently bought a 1992 Sportrak in overall excellent condition.unfortunately when the four wheel drive is engaged,in both high and low ratio, only the rear wheels are engaging.There are no abnormal noises. So, my questions are these,has anyone, any idea what the problem might be, and if so,costs involved in putting things in order.

No Four Wheel Drive

Hi Steve, can you first of all let us know how you established that only the rear wheels are engaging ie: Jacking the vehicle up etc?
With this info we may be able to offer a solution a bit quicker.

Cheers mate.

No Four Wheel Drive.

Hi BigPeteU, there were two instances, one on a wet slipway,recovering a boat,and the latest instance, a week later,it snowed here in sunny cornwall,and i live on a very steep hill.I haven't jacked the vehicle.It is also fitted with automatic hubs,I don't know whether this has any bearing.

No Four Wheel Drive!

OK Steve, the first thing you need to do is simply jack up the front end (maybe not so simply if you live on a steep hill!!) but somewhere safe anyway, and engage 4wd. (Engine NOT running)!! Have a feel of the propshaft going from the transfer box to the front diff. Is there a positive feel to the shaft and is there any movement at the wheels? If the propshaft is free to rotate then there may be a problem with the transfer box. If there seems to be a positive feel at the propshaft but nothing happening at the wheels then it is not uncommon for one of the half shafts to have snapped! Finally, the problem could be at the auto hubs. Do the first checks that i have mentioned as they do not cost any more than a few minutes time before you start stripping things down mate!

No Four Wheel Drive

Thanks Pete. I will give all the advice a try at the w/e. I'll let you know how I get on. Would it not be a coincidence for both auto hubs to malfunction? Having said that, the previous owner said, they had never used 4WD in 12 yrs

No Four Wheel Drive

Steve, the hubs could be a coincidence however, you don't know if they have been mistreated in the past and they are certainly not indestructable!! If they are not engaged and disengaged properly then damage can occur and quite possibly to both at the same time. I hope it's nothing too drastic mate, good luck!

I'm having what sounds like t

I'm having what sounds like the same problem as you. However, I am getting a funny tinkling sound from one of my hubs. I have read somewhere here that the auto hubs have a tendancy to fall apart after time. I'm getting a manual hub kit sent from Milners £120 (should be arriving soon) to try and sort it out. Maybe worth a shot if you find it's your hubs that are knackered mate...

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if the 4wd hasn't been used i

if the 4wd hasn't been used in 12 years i would suspect the auto locking hubs have siezed in the normal unlocked position. its a good idea to use everything once a month to ensure lubrication.