millner springs


now some time last year i said that i got a set of leaf springs for my 95 rocky and the shackles collapsed and you guys said speak to millner and see what he has too say... well i did that and sent me out some new bolts out so that was fine but i was out this weekend and the spring snaped cleen in half, :mad: so i rung him agane and he said are springs arnt ment for off road use. so im not all that impressed with his stuff and wont be buying with him agane :mad:

just thourt i'd let you konw


Just to get this off our chest we ordered 1 complete set of Front Poli Bushes for the Anti Roll Bar on our Fourtrak from Milners 4x4 & received the Fronts/plus the Rears (Oh plus the extra charge on our credit card) "A nice sharp little practice" (so watch out)Sent them a complaint of course it was ignored nice work if you can get it. Paul

millner springs

Knowledge is power - Millners is just trying it on. The Sale of Goods Act (1979) states “goods must be of merchantable quality and fit for purpose”. They are selling springs for an off road vehicle and unless they clearly state that they are not suitable for off road use at the time of purchase, I believe you are reasonably entitled to expect that they are fit for off-road use. The fact that they have broken would indicate they are probably not, and thus Millners is liable as they sold them. They might not like it but that is the law of the land.

So the law is probably on your side but you need to sort it.

The way to try is to see if you have legal protection insurance built into your house insurance policy. Many companies now offer this as standard but a lot of people don’t realise it. If you have brilliant, they should fight the case for you or certainly advise you. If you haven’t then Trading Standards or Citizens Advice Centre should be able to help and advice you on fighting the claim yourself – not difficult.

The Small Claims Court is your final piece of weaponry. Most people are frightened taking a company to court, but this service is great because it limits your costs if the case goes against you to 10% of the claim (when I last used it) subject to a minimum fee. A note of caution hear is that nothing is certain and decisions can go either way but if you feel strongly about something and think you have a valid claim it is worth the gamble. All you do is fill in a form and state what the claim amount is for and under what law. You then pay the cost of filing the claim. The Court will then contact millners and tells them you have filed against them and requesting that they either defend the charge or pay up to the Court (who then pass the money on to you). Most pay up to the Court at this point if you have a just claim, but for the ones that don’t a date is set to hear the case. You just turn up and sit round a table with the person hearing the case. You tell your side, they defend their position and then a decision is made in favour of one of you. If they use a solicitor to present their case it doesn’t matter because they cannot claim their costs back against you even if you loose. In this eventuality you just loose the cost of filing the claim, the 10%. Most companies roll over rather than face the hassle and cost of fighting a claim as it make for better public relations. Threaten millners with this (by letter) and see if they change their mind, and don’t let them fob you off with the “you will have to contact the manufacturer” crap. Your contract is with Millners and they are the ones you have a legal right to claim against. The attached link has more info on the small claims service.

This little bit of knowledge, together with how the law on contract works, has saved me many thousands of pounds over the years. I hope it works for you.


Without getting involved in this legal argument Milliners like us "We also run a large Garage/& Car Parts Business" will be " Fully Insured" against this old Money making venture from the Insurance Companies via your Household Insurance Policy Now updated to (Business & Service Of Goods Act Claim 1998) "you don't file any claim they do it all for you & handle the paperwork inc County Court Claims for damages plus their costs after any winning outcome is made.Millners Insurance Company will fight any claim for damages even if it goes to County Court on principle, it will be up-to you the claiment to prove the parts you were sold were not fit for the purpose they were intended in this case that should be very easy Daihatsu are 4x4 & off road vehicles & "He Millner"is a 4X4 Specialists "This is when you have to be very careful though (the so called independent experts are brought in for both parties)& a loophole exists for Millner he can claim his experts costs back from you plus any costs incurred fighting this claim through the Small Claims Court should you loose. County Courts are now vetting these claims for damages very carefully before they issue any Court Summons because its become just another money making scam.How do we know because we have just won a 4 year Court Case against a customer who tried to use his Household Insurance Policy to sue us for £5,000 damages on a £250.00p part that he damaged & broke while trying to fit it himself this was even after we offered him his money back refund as a gesture off goodwill & to calm the waters but he thought no there's big money to be made here!Britain has become a compensation culture so scammers beware company's will fight back & make you pay as we have just done the guy who tried to claim off us has now said he cannot pay the Court Costs awarded to us & our Solicitors fees despite trying to win 5K damages off us so he will have to pay up. Millners screwed us for parts we did not need or order then ignored our email of complaint " thats fair play to them" but they will only do it once we & none of our customers will be buying from them ever again.My advice is always try talking to a Garage before you start any court action & ask about a bit of goodwill 99/9% of the time it will work for you we are not all cowboys good luck & regards Paul P/S we have no connection with Millner 4X4 & don't want any either


Have just bought a lot of parts from milners, but they fail to tell you if something isn't in stock. They sent me everything to change my back brakes, drums, right hand brake cylinder but didn't tell me about the 4 month delay on the left wheel cylinder! Great! as my Fourtrak was in a garage waiting for the parts at the time.
If their brakes are as good as their springs i'm in serious trouble!!!