YRV Turbo Anti roll bar bracket


There has been a loud "rattling" coming from the rear of my YRV Turbo.

Thinking it was the exhaust I took a look but discovered it was a snapped bracket on the drivers side the holds the Anti Roll Bar.

I have read that it is quite a common fault on the YRV Turbo.

I don't drive my car hard and I don't throw it into the corners.

Have any other owners had this happen to their car and is it likely to snap again?

I did

It happened to mine about a month after I bought it (car was about 9 months old then). Had new brackets under warranty. They are a completey different shape, look much more substantial. Haven't had a problem with them (car is over 2 years old now).

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Thanks for your reply! I f

Thanks for your reply!

I feel better knowing that the new bracket is much stronger that the original.

I recommend that YRV Turbo owners check theirs so they can be replaced under warranty.

Anyone know if there is an ac

Anyone know if there is an actual recall for YRV Turbos relating to the Rollbar brackets? As the fact they have replaced faulty ones with different ones would suggest theres a flaw with the originals.
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The Daihatsu dealer I use loo

The Daihatsu dealer I use looked at my car and told me it was the Anti Roll Bar that has snapped, not the bracket and they would order a new one.

The dealer told me today that the company who produce the replacement Anti Roll Bar have gone bust and Daihatsu are looking for a new company to produce the anti roll bar.

Does anyone know if this is correct?

Sorry to hear that matey, see

Sorry to hear that matey, seems strange for the bar itself to go! I remember reading that it was a UK company that supplied the part as it was an afterthought once the car had been tuned for UK roads. Wouldn't surprise me if it was one of the company's affected by Rover's collapse?

53reg Black YRV Turbo 130

Just bought a YRV Turbo 54 re

Just bought a YRV Turbo 54 reg. Took it in to get tracking checking and they spotted that the rear anto-roll bar was broken at the drivers side bracket (also the passenger side whilst not broken is not intact). Called the local main dealer and its going for a check next week to see if they can do it under warranty. Armed with the knowledge that its a common problem with the original bars, I should be able to convience the main dealer that it should be replaced under warranty.

Hi my anti-roll bar broke on

my anti-roll bar broke on the drivers side also.
The replacement bracket is much more thicker.
Insist the anti-roll bar is replaced under warranty,as it is now known the original was not strong enough.

FYI Took the car into the ma

Took the car into the main dealers. They looked at the car and accepted that it needed a new rear anti-roll bar under warranty. Smile


Just looked underneath mine and it is fine. Original too I would say.