Hard ride in fourtrak


I have recently bought a 1992 fourtrak and am really impressed with it. However...how can i improve the ride quality? Can I change the leaf springs for coils to make it a bit more comfortable and more useful off road?

It is not really feasible to

It is not really feasible to convert to coils as the cost would be a pretty penny...
You could have your shock absorbers looked at and they may need replacing.. this improves ride quality a lot.

It is a 4WD and the ride is a bit more bumpy than a passenger car, but you knew this when you bought it.
The leaf models are good offroad as they have solid axle front end which flexes more than the later IFS models. This also accounts for the harsher ride.. although IFS is better onroad than solid axle.
Maybe even let some pressure out of your tyres to soften up the ride.
You cant do much else to soften the ride, as this is needed to improve the handling of the car. If you soften up suspension.. there is more tendancy for body roll and eventually rollover.