Idle Problem...


Hi Guys, i've been having problems with my Sirion (2000 1ltr fuel injected). When the engine is running and i dont press the trottle the engine speed rises and drops or levels out at 2000rpm but continues to rise and drop. It doesnt matter weather its hot or cold. I've tried injector cleaner and it has had no result. Please help its driving me crazy and im worried about my little car. I drive to work on dangerous country roads and im worried it'll break down some night when im alone. Any idea's? Thanks everyone...

Idle control valve or maybe faulty ECU

Lizz, Firstly, I'm neither a mechanic nor a Sirion owner, however I have experienced this problem myself on a similar aged Peugeot 206, which had an erratic idle speed. I initially thought it was a problem with the idle control valve which regulates the revs at low speed. That would normally be the cheapest thing to replace...otherwise the ECU (engine management) could be at fault, which turned out to be the cause of the problem in my 206. A new ecu, depending on the supplier is going to be fairly costly for the part and then again to have it fitted. Best advice(although typically expensive) is to take it to a few different Daihatsu dealer's in your area and see if a common diagnosis is made for the problem. Good Luck.

Cuore Blimey!

Idle Problem.

Hi there,
Would firstly like to thank you for a quick response.
I brought my car to a dealer who said he thinks it's the automatic choke going in my car.(Just in case someone out there has the same problem as me).I do like to share things.I will get this sorted a.s.a.p as i am doing my driving test soon and i don't want this happening during my test.
Thanks again....