Graham Dewhurst - he's the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, All,

This is probably going to be deemed at totally off topic, but for all you guy's out there trying to keep 20+ year old F70/75 and most of the other models going, there's only one name to remember, Graham Dewhurst!

My F70 blew its back axle apart in a terminal manner with enough velocity to make me think of parting company and looking for another fourtrak. What the hell, I thought, it's worth a phone call, I've heard good things, so maybe... The next day, one new axle on a pallet arrives!

A bit later that day, my mechanical guy tells me that the thing that slides inside the axle and locates with the.. Well, he's lost me by now, but, on the phone again, "Yes, we've got one of those, I'll send it out now, you'll have it by the morning!"

"How much?"

"Don't worry about it, it sounds like you and me are going to do a lot more business yet!"

Sure enough, next morning, there it is. 30 minutes later and I'm up and running again.

The cost? £125.00 for the axle, the extra part? Free!

How bad's that? Like I said, Graham Dewhurst, he's the man!

Graham Dewhurst

Rang him about a fuel pump prob and he sorted me out over the phone, didn't try to sell me a new one, so consequently when it does break he will get my business for sure.

F70 good

It's off topic.I enjoyed off topics.When I was a student of N10-004 exam I really enjoyed driving of F70.