fourtrak - adding an electric fan


I have a fourtrak inde 1993 2.8 TDi. Wondered if anyone can help me- I am trying to fit a Kenlowe fan in place of existing belt driven fan. What I need to know is the normal temperature of the fourtraks engine so I can modify a thermo switch sensor out of another vehicle. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks a lot. Help

As they do not rob engine pow

As they do not rob engine power like a clutch fan does... have it on permanently when the ignition is on.. That way the switch cant stuff up coz there is none! Smile And the motor will run cooler all the time

heating up

the only thing about fitting them up to run all the time is it could take a long time to heat up. have a look on ebay you can get fitting kits think thay have a variable thermostat. you can alter them for towing or summer winter use.

It wont take any more time to

It wont take any more time to heat up, as the thermostat will not open the rad untill the engine reaches running temp regardless. However an electric fan does pull a lot of amperage. This power has to come from somewhere. Every point whatever of a horsepower going to the altinatour to keep up suplly is not going into pushing the car along. Mind you the same can be said of a mecanical fan taking power...
The only real drawback I CAN see is if you have some sort of power problem (leaving your side lights on when you leave the car for a while for instance), having the fan come on with the ignition could be the diffrence between just starting... and not. A time delay relay could be in order, as you will need a relay to power the fan anyway.

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