Power Steering need Steriod:)


Hi, I love my Fourtrack (rocky EL-1985), but my wife complains that is too rought.Compared to my Camaro and Tahoe, I agree with her; on the suspension and the steering. I manage to make the suspension smoother by re-condition the leave suspension. I remove one leave from the back bulk and put it on the front. Know I have 4 on the leave per bulk on the back and 3 on the front. So far much better. Will se how it last.

Another area I want to get into is the steering. My steering is hard, and it has power steering. The power steering appear to work fine, but I need more power assistance from it. It hard to turn. Any sugestion here? May be changin ght diameter from the pulley on the pump?

Another this I want to do is swap the carburator from a Toyota 4K engine and the electronic distributor from a Toyota 4Y engine.

Please share your comments? Also, are there other Diahatsu Forums?