No 4wd on Rocky


I have a 1987 manual gearbox model with manual hubs, the problem is that there is no 4wd.When i tried to lock the hubs, the passenger side one was very stiff and i had to use pliers to get it to move. When i move the transfer lever to 4L, the front prop shaft does turn when the vehicle is driven but the car stays in 2wd, a mate watched as i drove slowly. Also the 4H button on the dash does not seem to do anything and also, the indicator light does not illuminate at all.
My other problem is that it ticks over at about 800rpm and gradually creeps up to about 2000rpm, at junctions and traffic-lights etc. This is making it difficult to change gears and is also making fuel consumption very high.Hoping that someone may be able to help

Hi Glen

I have exactly same model and year as yours with same problems! I sorted idle speed by cleaning carb out with carb clean spray but make sure you look for air leaks cos they can cause erratic idling too. Might be worth new plugs and air filter if they due a change. As for the hub if you look a few posts down i asked about this and a kind user pointed me in the right direction about this.


My switch on dash seems to do nothing and the light does not work but i know the 4H works the way i drive and still stay on the road Smile