Just another newbie saying Hi. I've just bought my first Daihatsu, a Rocky that used to belong to another club member, Graham. I'm based in Newcastle upon Tyne, so if there's any off-roading going on, please let me know. I've been off-roading for a few years in a variety of vehicles, so I thought I'd try a Fourtrak. The first thing I want to do to it is give it some more axle articulation, so any ideas will be gratefully received.


you are more than welcome to

you are more than welcome to come down and meet up m8
we go off road regularly either onto the rupps on the moors or weardale/ robin hoods bay etc
we are off out on the 26th (mothers day) to weardale if you are interested - should be a fun day as the winch will be fitted by then.........


Many thanks mate, but I can't make it on 26th :(. I'll be out of action for a couple of months due to me being a silly boy on (or rather off) my motorbike. Thanks for the invite though, I'll keep in touch as I'm usually a regular at Weardale.