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Are all Fourtrak starter motors interchangable? I have bought a second hand unit (larger type) and fitted it today, but it does not seem to disengage from the flywheel after starting the car. Wondering if I have wrong type (my old one was the smaller type, but seller said that the larger one was correct for my chassis number) or if it is faulty?
My Fourtrak is a 1988 F75
Many Thanks

the smaller one is generally

the smaller one is generally the type used in n/a motors. the larger (new-denso) type is the one that lasts far longer and has much much better starting ability.

Starter motor

Hi Keith,

Are you sure you don't have a fault on your vehicle? Maybe that's why your old starter packed up. Make sure your ignition key is springing back from the start position after you've started the engine. If you've got a volt meter you could check that the small wire on the starter soleniod isn't getting power when the key is released after starting

If all that is ok you take your new starter off again end connect some jump leads to your battery, then attach the earth cable to the body of the starter & touch the positive lead to the small solenoid terminal (not the main starter lead post), the pinion should jump out then jump back again without sticking when you remove the positive lead. If it stick,try spraying the shaft with WD40 to clean any dust and grease off. If you've still got the old starter then you can count the number of teeth on the starter gear to make sure they are both the same.

Hope this is some help

Starter Checks

Thanks to you both for your comments.
I have carried out the checks that Daz suggested and everyting checks out OK. However, my old starter had 9 teeth and the new one has 11. I imagine that this means that it is the wrong type for my car?