want a sportrak some help needed


hi guys just signed up, im looking at buying a sportrak as a second car mostly for towing my motorbikes to places as my new car cant have a towbar. i only looking to spend 500-600 pound so looking at a old one, what are they like for getting bits and spares, do they tend to have problems with engines or rust ect that i should look out for. whats the best spec to get. do they tow well and what are they like off road.

where is the best place to look for them.
sorry for all the questions but im hoping u guys can help and i soon hope to be a full sportrak owning member of the site

thanks guys

I bought my Sportrak 4 months

I bought my Sportrak 4 months ago and I am really pleased with it.

The only problem I had was that the water pump was leaking, but it wasn't a major job.

My local motor store can get all the usual service bits easily, and there are parts dealers listed on this site. I found Milner's very helpful when I needed some bits.

My engine has done 100,000 and its compression is less than 0.2 bar off its original new reading, and I have found that Japanese engines in general are very reliable.

You should be able to tow your motorbike no problem. A couple of weeks ago I towed a large trailer with a 2.5 tonne digger on it, and apart from the odd hill it towed fine.

Check on the "For Sale" section of the forum or on Ebay, as I have seen some good deals.

I bought mine for £1000. Its a J-reg Elxi and had 5 brand new tyres, new exhaust system, brand new rear suspension, all the electrics, Thatcham alarm, no rust whatsoever, 12 months T&T and a full service history.

So for £500-600, you should be able to get a nice one.

As for off-roading, I think they are far better than most 4x4's becauae of the short wheelbase, and compared to some, they are lighter. A friend of mine used to have a Sportrak, and on several occasions he had to rescue the odd Defender.

Bring on the summer, so I can finally take the roof off Smile


Hi there, I bought my sporty on ebay for 400 quid with 87,000 miles on the clock,it had had a very slight front end bump which was not hard to fix but getting a front bumper at a good price was a nightmare.

Watch the chassis for rust as mine on closer inspection had been very well doctored up with glass fibre and underseal!!! All sorted now but cost an extra £500 to get done, so have a good look at this particularly the very front of legs and round rear leaf spring mounts and both chassis rails at rear wheel arches as these are prone to corrosion.

All other things like engine and bodywork normal checks will bring to light any nasties but most of the mechanicals are bullet proof but do try the 4wd to make sure it engages properly and the front locking hubs are working.

As mentioned earlier try ebay there are some bargains out there but have a good look at all I mentioned, you will not regret buying one as they are super little jeeps, all the heartache and hair pulling of rebuilding mine has been sooo worth it in the end.

hi guys thanks for the tips i

hi guys thanks for the tips i am looking at one on ebay friday its had some work done on it and they say its been looked after no matter what the cost so sounds good. ill have a look at the key points u say about.
thanks for the tips.