automatic wheel hubs not locking elxi


Help hi guys snowing like crazy up here in scotland and i finaly got a chance to use my 4wd went out side stuck her in 4wd and only two wheels on the back have traction with the front hubs making a buzzing noise sounds like they arent engaging its come as a severe disapointment as it means no fun in the sportrak is there a chance that the hubs have seized am i missing something or are they just plain broke :cry: im in a 1.6 elxi 92 sportrak and in advance cheers!!!!!

hi mate. i'm in sunny scotlan

hi mate. i'm in sunny scotland too, nice snow at the weekend huh!
With regards to your FWH's...i've got a 4trak, which had auto hubs. The hubs were knackered and i've heard the auto ones are prone to stop functioning. I got some manual FWH's from milners. Ripped out the old autos and bolted the manual ones in. Hey presto 4wd again.
If that doesn't solve the problem it could be something wrong with the transfer box...the new hubs worked for me.

Good luck

*** '96 Fourtrak Forester ***

Not locking either

Same story. Up here in scotland and got stuck in the cauldesack (street).
Auto hubs not locking. Can you give me the website from where to by manual ones and also any tips would be appreciated as i fix computers and not cars.

thanks in advance

I paid £149 (inc vat and delivery) for a manual kit for an F78 Fourtrak. It's a pretty straightforward bolt off bolt on procedure.

*** '96 Fourtrak Forester ***


Hi, my H4 button is playing up and i haven't got around to fixing it yet so i haven't got 4WD. But it doesn't matter because we haven't had any snow Blum 3

cheers guys guess ill jist ha

cheers guys guess ill jist have to shell out the dough for new ones by the looks of things but not to worry i have a wee vitara jlx that ive kicked the crap out of for the last few days so all my fun wasnt lost just a little miffed that the 4wd dont work on my sportrak in sayin that i did crack a wal with the vitara and left a sizeable dent so maybe jist as well the hubs werent workin i guess ill be lookin at new hubs today cheers for the website addy guys anyone have a set of manual hubs for sale Unknw cheers