sportrak 91 carb'ed


Hi there i have got a 1991 sportrak card'ed the problem iam getting is that it starts to cut out after about 5 mins of running from cold. I have changed every thing serviceable. The only things left are the coil( are these prone to breaking down on the sportraks?) or the temp. sensor but disconecting (under the dizzy)this doesn't affect the running(is there another sensor under the inlet manifold? as the wires to the cold start go that way?) and the cuts out when this is disconected. Does anybody have a wiring diagram for the engine they could e-mail me please.Thanks Andy

Have you considered the auto

Have you considered the auto chock. This sometimes james on. This could couse the engine to cut out, especially at idle.

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auto cooling sensor

i have a 93 elxi.was haveing the same problem.put it in a garage thay had it three weeks and could not find the problem.then a mate told me of the auto cooling sits at the back of the engine right where the heater hoses are.its hard to got one of the daihatsu dealer only cost about £30.00.fitted it and never had a problem.2 years on and its still going fine

sporty carb'ed

cheers marty is this the sensor under the dizzy?

still got problems

Replaced the temp sender but no joy still cuts out when heating up now looking at soleniods on carb. anybody had problems in that department?