Bronco vs Colway


Who would win in a fight betw...

No, hang on sorry.. how do Bronco tyres compare to the equivilant Colways?

Mainly, Bronco Goodrider vs Colway ATs and Bronco Roughrider vs Colway MTs????

Which is the most reliable/best wearing/best grip on or off road? etc etc...

I'm nearly decided on what tyres to fit the Sportrak and this is what it is down to. Not interested in any other Bronco or Colway tyres, just these 4.

the best

got a set of broncos roughrider and have never got stuck yet and havent wore down that much either in 7500 miles. a friend has a set of colways and have showed quiet a bit of wear and the rubber felt a lot softer than the broncos still a good tyre though. but on my thoughts the broncos win hands down any day. just seems to be better tyre all round.

on the road

sorry on road handling is good they whine a bit what do you expect from a mt tyre plenty of grip in the wet to never had any problems. you just nead to know the limits of your 4x4 thaire not a 205 gti.

It depends on how much you go

It depends on how much you go off-road. I've got a set of Colway A/T's which do me nicely. As long as i can get up the rutted track from my house in all weather, i'm happy. Oh, and they handle better on-road than my previous General XP200's!

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