Power Steering squeal ?


Hi, Got a Fourtrak 89 TD and power steering seems noisey when at full lock. Checked 4 hose leaks and checked fluid which seems ok. Belt seems to be pretty tight any help appriciated.

If you get the squeal only on

If you get the squeal only on full lock m8..then I would suggest that the vane pump belt needs tighting up a bit..even though it appears ok to you.
I had exactly the same problem and tighting up the belt cured it instantly.Another thought..it could be that the belt has stretched a little if its quite old...if tighting dont cure it try replacing the belt.

New belt - tips ?

Yup only squeal on full lock !

Cheers m8 like u said belt seems tight 2 me but i am no Xpert and it does look well worn I'll try a new one at the weekend. Ta.

I am waiting for a manual on order so working a little blind at present is this a straight forward job? Any tips or advice on fitting would be appriciated Unknw

Easy job m8...bit like tighti

Easy job m8...bit like tighting the alternator belt.
Get thee self under the front of the car and you will see the
nuts to loosen off the belt (there are 2 of them)on underside of the pump.
Remove the belt once the nuts are loose enough (the pump will be free to manaouvre)Install new belt...use some kind of lever between pump and engine to get the belt tight and torque up the 2 nuts.
It helps if you have a mate to lever the pump as you tighten up the nuts. Though it is possible to do it yourself.
Wait till you get yer manual if you are apprehensive about it..the manual clearly shows the procedure. Alternatively I can send you a copy of that particular page from the manual if you are in a hurry ..but I would need email address to send attachment to.

Cheers m8......

Smile Cheers 4 the help, got manual now so fingers crossed !

Upon closer inspection !

Shok No wonder the thing was stressin' only one bolt holding the thing stable ! Fitted new ones and replaced belt "seems to have done the trick" cheers 4 help !