1999 terios 1.3, will not idle


just recently (just after its mot) my terios has not been idleing properly, and if you don't put your foot down when starting off, it will stall. Any help is much appriciated. Thanks.
BTW-great forum you have here

thinking it could be idle control sensor

what do you all think. have noticed it always stalls after going up hill, as soon as you get to the straight part it stalls. As well as stalling when slowing down at junction/lights. Any ideas appriciated. Thanks

Sorry to bump such an old

Sorry to bump such an old post but I've got very similar problems on my 2005 Terios 1.3 auto... I assume there's an issue with Idle Control.... doesn't seem better/worse when it's hot or cold. Just irratic.... not hunting either... sometimes high 1300+ RPM sometimes low 600RPM.... When it's that low its quite chuggie but otherwise runs great.
I guess I should look into temp sensors first? I plugged in a PC and no error codes.... I pulled of the Idle control plug and it didn't make much difference which makes me suspect it.... Is the thermostat an issue especially as the throttle body appears to be heated.....
It's also had a couple of years of very low use <1000miles... dont' know what that might affect....

Thanks all!