Contact points



I am hoping that someone can help me, I have a 1987 Rocky 2.0ltr petrol with a 5 speed manual gearbox. My problem is that I am having to replace the Contact Points
due to ignition problems and I have no idea what the gap should be set at, as I do not have a manual.
So does anyone know the setting please, as this would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks in anticipation.


Hi Glenn

Points setting is 0.4/0.5 MM. Hope you working in metric cos i aint got a clue what that equates to in thousandth of an inch!


If the Rocky is the same as a Sportrack ELXi then the contact gap is 1 mm. [millimeter].

No they

Are different from ELXi the ones i posted earlier are from the handbook for fourtrak non injection