lift kits for a sporty


i wont to put a lift kit on my sporty ne1 no whr i can get a custome kit from?

Sportrak lift

Are you wanting to do a suspension lift or body lift?

lift kits

umm i dunno! what is the difference? i just want to lift it up a bit make it look more beefy! like a mini monster truck

A suspension lift raises the

A suspension lift raises the whole vehicle up, by putting more space between the axles and the chassis.
A body lift raises the boby of the vehicle by placing spacers between the body and the chassis.
So for instance, a 2" lift.
1. You could put 4" longer shacles on the rear springs, and wind the torsion bars up, or use spacers on the wish bones on the front to match the hight of the rear. Or
2. You could put 2" spacers between the cassis and the body in all the places the body rests on, or is bolted to, the chassis.
Both these metods will result in a 2" lift, a taller looking car, and room for larger tyres. However bgecouse the body lift only liftes the body, and not the engine, gearbox and chassis (the heaviest parts of any 4x4) the stability of the vehicle is far better than a suspencion lifted car.

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