hello all again

ok this will sound silly i know it will but i have to ask as i have not got a clue

is there anyway of making the seats higher in my fourtrak??? i feel too low when im sitting in it soes anyone know if this can be done if so please can someone help me so i can have a go at doing it please

p.s my fourtrak is working much better now after a 200 mile drive it sont backfire anymore or strugle on the engine so this is great Biggrin thanks for everyones help will still do the following work to make sure engine runs smooth from now on

thanks to everyone for your help

and thanks to anyone who can help with this one


Has same issue -- I'm 6'4 wit

Has same issue -- I'm 6'4 with long legs. Seats are bit too bucketed for me. Went cheap option and made a firm cushion to fill the 'bucket'. Much better driving position for me. Sit higher, not bent forward, and there's plenty of head room left. But you may wish to notch the head rest so it can be raised further than the standard positions make it a bit safer for a whiplash situation! It also decreases field of vision when you look out the rear window from rear view mirror..... which makes me think rear wiper may have been better in reverse swipe position..... or I may just have to clean the window more often.

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1994 'L', 2.8TDS INDEPENDENT, 132K

seat alteration

i recently put some granada seats in my fourtrack
using the original bases, using 2 inch by 1 inch box section onto the bases and also welding the box to the granada runners. This is a pretty tricky job but with care has a successful result, it highers the seat, plus the granada seats are slightly higher on the seat base. You can also higher the granada seats as they have a winder to go up and down. If you know a decent welder he wont find this a difficult job.