HD-E 1.6 Engine - Oil Change..how much oil is needed? + manual needed please.


hi all,
i need to do an oil chnage on my charade that has a HD-E 1.6 engine but i cant find my manual, does anyone know the correct quantity of oil in liters please? i was looking for a pdf manual online for it however i cant find one, so if someone could help me out with either a pdf manual or just tell me how much oil is needed that would be superb!

many thanks,

please ignore my last post, i

please ignore my last post, i found a manual for a Daihatsu Feroza engine (HD-C & HD-E) and th answer is 3.5 Liters. however does anyone know where i can find a workshop manual for my 1995 1.6 HD-E Charade?