sportrak tow bar


hi guys i just bought a sportrak and what a fab little 4x4 it is i love it and only had it since friday. but i want a towbar. i have got a big black plate between the bumpers with what looks like a towing eye on it can i unbolt the eye and fit a towbar on it or is it not up to the job of towing and will in need another braket to bolt it onto.

thanks guy

You can get a full towbar lik

You can get a full towbar like mine which bolts into the holes on the bracket, as well as extending along the under side and to two further locating points behind the rear shackles. Have a look on fleabay where I got mine.

However, I have seen plenty with just a towball bolted to the plate, often with another steel plate to lower the height. As I tow a caravan I went for the full monty, but for a trailer I'd just do that.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty