BF goodrich Tyres HELP


my sportys tyres r recked nd i was lookn at geting some bf g a/t ones but am not havn much luck finding newhr that sells them! NE1 no whr i can buy some bf g a/t tyres for my sporty! i can nly seem to find one website dat sells them which is bronco 4x4 nd thr real expensive! ne ideas whr i cn get them?

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Then look here:
BFG AT 235 75 R15

They don't seem to come in 225 70 R15 (standard max size) so you can either chance the next size up which is 235 75 R15 which some people says is ok, but could be close, or go for a smaller standard size such as 215 75 R15 which is close to the same rolling diameter as the 225 70s

BFG AT 215 75 R15

I would try the first link and contact them to see if they have the 215 tyres in stock and get a price as Broncon is indeed pricey for them. Or get the General Grabber AT2s. They come in the correct size and are a copy of the BFG AT but with slightly bigger tread blocks. A friend has them on her Fourtrak and she says they are very good and actually better off road than the BFG AT. They also have the snow and ice rating. They are a lot cheaper too. See here
General Grabber AT2 225 70 R15


i dont no where you are in the country but i work for a companey called RCV ( we are a main agent for BFG give them a ring (01622 873000) or put a set of collway A/T's on your sporty there the same patten(link below) and there half the price

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BF Goodrich Tyres HELP

I got my BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO from They were very helpful over the phone as I needed a size change for my 1999 Fourtrak. I went a bit narrower to 235/75 R15. They provided a range of make and tyre options, and arranged fitting at a local tyre company. Possibly not the cheap option, but pleased with the tyres and would buy again.


I got last set of BFG All Terr's 235/75 R15's from local agricultural tyre dealer in Warwickshire. Very pleasant to deal with. Last time were about £85 each incl VAT & fully fitted / balanced. Get most tyre wear on left hand front outside edge. So best to keep rotating. No complaints on tyres, handles great, even at 'speed!' & still comfy ride. When I got last ones a farmer was there complaining that they were too hard for his old flatbed, but I think that was more his suspension than the tyres.


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