applause 1.6 sylinder head problems


Hello All

I just registered today and I am writing from Finland because we don't have our own club here.
Couple of weeks ago I found that car runs sometimes a little unstable, and after searcing a fault I found that cylinder 3 exhaust valve is leaking.

Today I took off the the cylinder head and the one of the valves was broken and there was a pit in the sealing area in it.
Because we don't have our own import dealer in Finland I have to order a new one from Sweden. I took the cylinder head to day to machinery to clean the cylinder plane and to grind the valves and valveseats.

At the end of this week I am planning to put the engine back together.

Does anybody know which are correct torque settings for the cylinderhead bolts and for the camshat beds Unknw

I would be very grateful for any information.

...and sorry for my poor english,anyway my Finnish is exellent.

Mikko From Finland