Electric shock absorbers


Hi im new to this so bear with me
ive just got a 1991 sportrak fittet with after market shocks, ive also picked up an identical one which was written off because it got rolled. Does anyone know how to test the electric type shocks,because i would like to fit them to my roadworthy one because the ride is very harsh on road. any comments?


hi done a few of these now, just to let u know eveen if u fit the electric shocks u will still have a harsh ride this is common on a sporty, the electric shocks are mainly for when u are off road.
the damper settings are as follows: h .....is selected for rough terrain or when the vehicle is loaded to increase stability,
N .... is for normal road driving, this is the same as the after market fitment.
S ... is for urban areas, but you will tend to find this is to soft for our roads and you feel like your on a bouncy castle plus you loose abit of traction on the road .these are only my findings but do have a look round the site in the forums to gather other info on this.


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