engine problems again more help needed please


hello everyone again

ok i done everything that you all said and thank you all very much

but now i have found a problem that i think is wrong

ok i done all the leads plugs points all that and it worked for about 3 days

however i dont think it has anything to do with that anymore

here is why

i have been running my 4x4 on around 10 petrol everyday when the problem started i put in 45pound in petrol

and it started to miss and backfire realy bad

when i run it all the way down i done the work above and only put in 10 pound petrol run great i kept topping the 10 pound up and it has been great

today i put in 20 pound and it has started playing up again

is it possible my problems are because it is trying to pump to much petrol in ???

or does anyone have any idea why it does this only when i put more then 10 pound in petrol

i realy need some help guys if anyone can help me please please please do

im getting a little worn down with it now and i realy dont want to get rid of it as i love it

does anyone know if this is a little thing or is this somthing realy bad wrong ???

in advance i will say thank you to anyone who can help me

thanks again to everyone for all the help i have had so far

dave Cray 2SadHelp

No worries

Hi Dave...,

Don't worry about it...

If I am not mistaken, the same problem occured on an RX7 or CRX Del sol were for some reason or another the tank was being topped up to some level and when the owner decided to top it up it used to have the same symptoms that you are experiancing right now. The problem was a corroded tank.

What he did is dismantle the tank, clean it up, treated the tank against corosion, lined it up to seal it and she was back to live riding the winds at the quarter mile tracks.

I admit that this problem will make you go bananas but after thos problem would be over, great satisfaction reigns.

Therefore, to do a good job, I believe that you have to perform the following steps:

1. Dismantle the tank and clean up tank.
2. There are fuel additives that clean the tank but if the rust/slug is too dense, you will end up forwarding greater amounts of slug/rust to the engine causing more problems later on. (DO NOT USE)
3. Change all the rubber fuel delivery pipes.
4. Change filter.
5. Disassemble carburettor and clean up part by part then re-assemble.
6. Make sure that when dealing with carbs, make sure that the job will be performed by a specialist.

Hope that this helps... cheer up...


thank you just a little more info

hey karl thanks for the info you gave me thats a great help Smile

ok now this is where im in need of some help if you can

how hard is it for me to do this myself i work on cars all the time
only ever worked on one 4x4 and that was my dads and that was easy to do and it wasnt nothing like this

ok if you can whatparts will i need to buy

will it be better for me if i get a new petrol tank?

you have been a great help to me thanks mate

will keep my baby now and get her running like a dream again

havnt even took it offroading yet Sad

will soon when its all done Biggrin

thanks again mate