Left Airbag


I would like to know how the left airbag cover of a Daihatsu Terios 2004 model opens in case of an accident. Does it open towards the windscreen or towards the passenger? Or does it move upwards? I want to know to ensure I don't obstacle it in anyway

I just had an accident 2 days ago...

I just recently hit the back of a station wagon going 40km/h with my foot still on the accellerator. The wagon stopped sudenly whilst my head was turned and I was checking my blind spot. Both my airbags were deployed.
The whole left rectangular airbag panel on the passenger side flips upwards away from you. Although it also smashed my windscreen in the process. I'm happy to say that my car did it's job and I am more confident to drive the Terios. Although, as the airbags have deployed, it may be a write off now. Hopefully it can be fixed.