mpg sportrak


whats good mpg on a sportrak im getting about 24mpg which seems low to me how can i get my mpg up i do a mix of town driving and long runs and its always 24 ish never more then 25mpg

any tips would be great

mpg sportrak

Mine used to be around the same. I gave the engine a good service, fitted a high-flow air filter, which in theory should have reduced the mpg, but it actually increased mine. I was up to around 28-30 mpg.

I have removed my catalytic convertor and replaced it with a new front pipe from the carb model engine.

I put £40 in, and I its does around 300 miles, which works out around 35-36 mpg.

im going to give mine a good

im going to give mine a good service later this week its not long been done but spark plugs could do with a change airfilter is new, where did u get the after market filter from u had any idea what it cost. i really need to get my mgp up to nearer 30 or its just not worth me keeping the car which is a shame as its so fab.

Carb models??

I've had a read through this node, and had a look at the Ripspeed version.
My Sporty is an 89 Carb'd model so to fit one of these filters would I need to make up some tubing to fit from the top of the carb (where the airbox currently sits) to some other void in the engine compartment and put the filter there or would it be feasible to use a foam filter and attach that directly to the carb intake? This would be drawing warm air from the top of the engine compartment. Would it still work? Scratch one-s head

air filter

You can buy filters that will fit straight on to the carb inlet. K&N do several universal ones in different shapes and sizes. I bought one from Demon Tweeks once.

I have got some 4" air ducting from B&Q running from behind my bumper to the air filter, which provides clean, cool air.

air filter

I bought mine from Halfords. I decided to get the chrome one which surronds the filter, so that it wouldn't get wet from any water splashing up in to the engine bay. Cost around £25, or you can get one on Ebay.

Halfords air filter

No, it is in their "Ripspeed" section of the store, where all the boy racers go.

They had a glass cabinet with 3 or 4 types in.

They had a red fabric cone, a stainless mesh cone, a carbon effect enclosed cone, and a chrome enclosed cone filter.

I prefered the enclosed one, as it stops the filter element from getting wet and covered in mud.