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Hi can anyone help i have a 1991 Sportrak and i am trying to change the rear brakes but the drums wont come off. There are screws in the back that you screw in and i think they push off the drum, can anyone confirm this or is there something else i am not doing. thanks

The trick!

If its the same as a Sporty ELXi

1. Remove the two screws from the drum/hub .... they unscrew.
2. Fully release the handbrake cable. Find the handbrake cable adjusters and back then fully off. The cable must be very, very slack. The handbrake holds the brake shoe's cam adjusters so the shoes remain in contact with the drum. You must fully slacken the handbrake cable or the drums wont come away.
3. If you have a 3jaw puller use it on the brake drum. The drums do rust onto the central hub ... squirt WD40 or penetrating oil between the drum and hub - access through the wheel nut holes and centre of brake drum. Possibly leave to soak overnight.
4. If no 3jaw puller, then gently tap the brake drum - rubber hammer or block of wood.

Note ...
1. When refitting the drums smear a film of grease between the drum and the hub. Stops the rust.
2. When you refit the brake drums --- brake adjustment is done by 'adjusting up' the handbrake cable. Then ratchet [up/down/up/down the handbrake so removing any looseness in the shoes. Handbrake should lock the rear drums at 3to4 clicks on the handbrake.


Thank a lot for your time and info i will give this a try when we get some dry weather.


rear breaks

Hi kevlarr on the drums there are two screw jacking holes if I remember rightly they are M12 fine thread your need to order these bolts specially unless you have excess to a machine shop as I have screw them in a bit at a time and use a soft mallet to tap as well all being well they should budge good luck.


Hi alfie thanks for the advice the guy who works on my sporty has told me that the threads have gone in the holes. He is hoping to get some oxy cetaline on the drums to heat them up a bit , to be honest i dont know a great deal about mechanics and dont have many tools but i think i may have to invest in some and learn abit. Can the holes be tapped out with the hubs still on.

thanks for the info.


rear drums

word of warning if you heat up the rear drums with oxy torch they have a tendency to shatter when you try to get them off,
if you are still having problems and your mechanic cant get them off or dameges them, I have a pair of rear drums complete with backing plate bearings ect already stripped cleaned and ready to re-fit.

if you need these please call steve on 07733370038 site name kermie


Hi kermie ok mate i will be in touch if the worst happens , what sort of price are we looking at if i need them.