Clutch creaks...


Hi guys,
Just bought a 4trak 2.8 tdx,having trouble with the clutch pedal. It creaks when depressed! It sounds though the cable is about to snap. I sprayed wd40 around pedal area and applied grease to the spring contraption near the pedal. The noise disappeared for a day or two, but has now reappeared. Do i need a new cable? The gear changing is o.k

more lube required

I had that .... where the cable is pulled by the lever mechanism high up behind the instrument panel, the cable end has to rotate in the lever as it moves.

The force here is high and the moving surfaces alternately grip then rotate as the pedal is pushed, hence making the creak.

Some grease at the joint is all that is needed.

If that doesn't do the job, start checking out the cable for broken wires on the inner. This shouldn't happen until the vehicle has done considerable mileage.

Re: more lube required

Thanks rf man
applied a good finger full of grease to lever mechanism,seems to have done the trick cheers.:)

Sporty clutch creaky!!!!!!!!!!

My sporty doing the same as above "clutch creaks when depressed". Can you reach the clutch lever mecanism from down in the footwell by the pedles. Any help appreciated.
Regards GG.

Should be much the same as a 'trak.

Where the cable joins the clutch pedal lever is high up behind the instrument panel. There may be a bit of sound-deadening material above the pedals on your sporty, but that should be easy to remove.

I guess that the mechanism for sportys is much the same as for 'traks (no point in designing the same thing twice ! ), so the dollop of grease where the lever and cable end meet should do the job, as above.

So far as getting at the bit of kit is concerned, I'm reasonably athletic, so I find the best way to get at this area is to get your head where your feet normally are and to look up behind the dash. Contortionists will find this easy, but it's a bit of a struggle for the rest of us !

Oh, BTW, go easy on the huge dollops of grease. If they fall off onto the other half's expensive new shoes, you will be

a) In the doghouse and
b) Short of the money for a new set of tyres !