overheating when towing


Daihatsu fourtrack TDX 85000 miles
When towing my caravan which is about 1500 kg , every time we have to go up along hill we start to over heat.
soon as you stop it cool down immediately, It was meant to have a new viscous fan when i bought it early last june . CAN ANYONE HELP ME .

I would say its pretty normal

I would say its pretty normal for a rise in temp when vehicle is under a particularly heavy load....always happens to mine too...rest of time (under reasonable loads/normal towing conditions)it runs fine.
I dont think you have anything to worry about if you have a rise in temp under heavy load.
If you are concerned you could always fit an additional electric cooling fan (Kenlowe or the like), but they are quite expensive.

Why do you recommend an addit

Why do you recommend an additional cooling fan??

It will do nothing except for cooling at slower speed.. which they are not having problems with

Poor circulation.

85000 miles ..... has the radiator and cooling system even been flushed out? The thermostat could also need replacing ... when they age they dont always fully open.


Just have a quick check that your number plate is not mounted in the way of the airflow to the radiator. I come across this quite often on a variety of modern cars, particularly when the manufacturer has not taken this fully into account at the design stage or where the owner has relocated the plate for some reason.

For starters.. when driving,

For starters.. when driving, especially at highway speeds, a fan does not effect cooling of the motor.

A hundred additional fans will not even help.. Usually at higher speeds a fan will disrupt airflow and hinder cooling ability, but this is only a slight effect and not to be worried about.

The amount of air rushing through the radiator at a high speed is absolutely not even close to what a fan can pull through your radiator.
A fan is only used at low speeds or when stopped, at traffic lights for example.
By 'overheat', does this mean the needle is all the way to the top of the gauge?
You may need to have your cooling system flushed and checked, to make sure its operating 100% efficiently.