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Hi all
Can some one please tell me how to tyre i have a terios and the tyres is 15x70x205 and i need to know if i can chainge the tyre from 205 to 225 or 215 and if i do so is there going to be something like the tyre sleepering or make any demage
Thanks in advance

Did you want to use a taller

Did you want to use a taller tyre or just get a wider tyre??

A taller tyre will give you more ground clearance but will reduce the gearing on your car, making it slower under acceleration and make your speedometer out of calibration.

A wider tyre will give you better performance and a better look.

A 215/70r15 will give you both width and a little increase in height.

A 225/65r15 is the closest match to your current tyre, but the extra width must be suitable for your rim width.
Talk to your local tyre expert.

Hi HOT40K and thanks for the

and thanks for the reply i just want a little wider tyre for better traction and i want to keep the tyre as it is but wider instead of 15x70x205 i want it 15x70x215 or 225 but i don't want it to coming i round useless tyre and want to keep the same ratio that's all thanks in advance