indicators blowing fuses,


ok - heres the latest problem with my fourtrack

the indicators blow fuses everytime i use the indicators,
even the hazard warning lights are doing this,

i know theres a problem somewhere,
but cam anyone point me in the right direction of where to look first???

and has anyone got the wiring diagram for this truck??

l.w.b 2.8 turbo diesel


A positive wire is being earthed. Possibly between the lamp and the indicator stalk. Start by checking each flasher lamp, a positive wire/terminal is probably faulty and connecting lamp unit direct to earth rather than conducting to the bulb.
You could remove each flasher bulbs and then find the problem using a 12v test unit on the positive side of each bulb - obviously dont switch on the flasher but check conductivity for each bulb to find which is triping the fuse.

sorted - thanks, did the met

sorted - thanks,
did the methodical approach,
tested each of indicators for problems = non there,
tried everything,
when i removed the panel under the dash to find the flasher unit,
incase this was scrap,

i removed it - checked it off the 4trak,
and all was ok,
it wasnt untill i replaced it
turned ignition on,
and in a fit of despair threw it back,
that i saw a bright flash !!!!

at some point a wire has been added to the flasher relay,
and then just cut away,
leaving a bare end of the cable = no insulation

so wire removed,
all now works as it should