Dash problems - thermo, tach and fuel guages not working


Hello again!

I tried replacing a load of fuses because my dash board is having some issues, but apparently it was not the fuses causing the problem (none of them were blown, however, a 30a fuse was in place where a 15a fuse should of been, which was the one controlling the dash, dunno if that could of created a problem)

So i would like to replace my entire dash board at some point, but can anyone explain to me how easy it is to pull it apart, and specifically identify and fix the faulty guages.

The fuel guage, the temp guage and the rpm guage are all not working...

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Fuse box x 2

Before you dismantle anything have you checked each fuse in the two fuse boxes beneath the dashboard behind the steering column? Pull each fuse and 12v test each fuse. They might look OK but dont go on looks!
Yes I have in the past removed my dashboard. Its a pig.

thanks, we did look at all th

thanks, we did look at all the fuses, and none appeared to be blown, but we changed the fuse controlling the dash board anyway... doesn't look like thats the problem because there is more than those three guages on the fuse :/

Damn... how easy is it to just get behind the guage panel on the dash or will i need to take the whole thing off!?


got dash set clocks speedo ect, call us on 07733370038 cheers steve