Alu mesh or fibreglass?


hi guys

as the lighter nights and better weather starts to come, the time is drawing nearer to start bodywork repairs on the 4trak. my question is...what do you think is better to repair sills and rear wings: aluminium mesh and caty or fibreglass sheet and resin? or would it be cheaper in the long run just to get new ones welded on? the n/s is not too bad with some light corrosion, however, there is quite a big hole under the sill/rear wing on the o/s. i'm quite good at DIY but just wonder wether it should be left to a bodyshop or if it could be tackled by myself Biggrin



Well for small holes you can get away with cutting out the rust (rustkiller paints etc are crap - remove it!) then use the mesh and filler treamnet, don't forget to underseal the back as well.

Bigger holes or multiple areas of perforation are preferably dealt with by a replacemant panel. Dealers are an expensive last resort if you can't find a good 2nd hand panel.
Have a damn good look underneath at the chassis too, if you find serious rust near load bearing suspension areas = MOT failed, then cutting out / welding up is needed.

Hope this helps.


had a bit more of a poke arou

had a bit more of a poke around today and the hole in sill/lower rear wing got a tad bigger! strange how it's only the drivers side that is rotten. looks like it will be a bodyshop job. :mad:

does anyone have any sills/rear wings for sale for a '96 F78?...or do you know how much they would cost, suppliers?

cheers guys

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Fibreglass sheet is not stron

Fibreglass sheet is not strong enough for sills and the likes.. if it is a big area find and weld in replacement panels. They will last longer in the end.. and you wont break them the first time you go offroad Smile

You cannot use filler on sill

You cannot use filler on sills....instant M.O.T. failure...they need to be welded...I speak from experience Smile

And as already stated any rot 30mm from load bearing points e.g. body mounts, suspension mountings,seat belt anchor points etc has to be welded for M.O.T. not to mention yours and your passengers safety.
Dont take chances with M.O.T. ...its a test of the vehicles road worthiness and is there to protect you and other road users.
Good luck with your repairs.