2 inch performance exhaust - Sportrak


Hi all,

Did a search but didn't find an answer.
Does anyone know of any UK suppliers of performance exhausts & straight thru silencers etc to fit a '96 Sporty, or will it have to be a custom build?

Already done the K&N and hi flow headers. Smile


Sportrak Exhaust

I have looked also and never found any.

I replaced the cat and front pipe with an earlier carb pipe which replaces the cat, and this weekend I chopped the silencer out and replaced it with a jetex race silencer box I had off my old car.

It has given me far more torque, faster acceleration, and it sounds quite nice as well

removing cat

i've been wanting to take my cat off but wan't sure about emitions on mot. how does yours get on?


Mine is a 91 model, so I don't have to worry about the emissions, but I have kept the old pipe and cat just in case.

Yeah, mines a '96 so cat bypa

Yeah, mines a '96 so cat bypass is illegal and would stuff the insurance.
Not worth the risk, say you are in a crash and something is modded on the car and you're injured in hospital and can't undo the work before the insuance assessor sees it, and the other guy was killed... etc, etc you'd be in a world of shit. Your insurance company and legal protection would walk away and leave you to defend yourself.

Safe way is to find a properly manufactured mod and declare it.
It's just finding an off the shelf exhaust this side of Oz. Sad


Update for anyone's interest.

No off-the-shelf performance exhausts to fit Sportraks in UK (Boo!)
However I have foud a custom supplier that will do one (Yay!)
Down side is the cost, quoted at £289 fitted but for that you do get
a lifetime guarenteed 304 Stainless cat back full system.
That works out around £100 more than the mild steel system inc shipping from MRT in Oz.
The custom shop is Longlife Exhausts and they're in Leeds.
(and on the web)


Side pipe exhaust

hi all i made a custom side exhaust for my sporttrak and it only cost £110 and it is a easy to do

Custom Exhaust

I thought about fitting my universal box on the bottom of the downpipe, putting a 2-way splitter on the other end, and run a pipe either side, with a trim on each.

How did you make yours?

custom exhaust

hi willives i got a mate at the college to bend the pipe so it went between the chassie and the body and then welded the brackets to the body, I used a tiger silencer exhaust and it sounds mean the only thing is the passenger might go deaf LOL!! BiggrinBiggrin