Can I supercharge my Charade?


Hey guys,

I am thinking of buying a 1.3L stock Diahatsu Charade on the weekend. I want to know if it's a realistic option to supercharge it.

I don't know much about engines or cars, so you'll have to go easy on me.

I assume some kind of small centrifugal unit taken from some other little Japanese car and adapted to fit the Charade would be the go. I've seen a few on eBay kicking around for about $500AUD.

But after I've got the actual unit, then there's all the issues of fuel management, ignition systems, bypass valve, oil-tapping etc. I have yet to see any kit adapted for this particular engine & I wouldn't know where to even start with that kind of stuff...

Any advice anyone can give me would be appreciated.

Like I said, I don't even know if supercharging a Charade would even be a practical and realistic option.

I found this old (sold) item on eBay indicating it not only can be done, but it has been done before... ViewItem

If you want to have a superch

If you want to have a supercharged car or similarly powerful car, you are much better off going for one produced in the factory.. They are tried and tested, much cheaper in the end, and far less hassle.

Supercharging would be only slightly beneficial on the stock motor. To run any decent amounts of boost you need to look at replacing pistons for lower compression items and strengthening other internal engine components.

Any custom modifications to cars always costs about triple what is expected and you never complete it trouble free.
Look for a quicker car to buy if that is what you want.
If you like turbo charades... buy the 1.0L earlier model... they go very well Biggrin

I can only think of the word

I can only think of the word "BANG".
But if I could supercharge my 1.3 LXi that would be fun.

I have a 1997 1.3 Charade Smile

Blown Charade

HOT40K speaks a lot of sense in his reply. Even an experienced engineer would find your proposed project one hell of a challenge. A supercharged car is somewhat more exciting than a turbo charged car and the gearbox is almost superfluous even at a low boost of 5 to 6 psi.The struggle up hills almost totally evaporates but the machine has to be treated with great respect if the engine is to have any life. Fuel consumption will rise with the increase in power although in theory there should be a gain in overall efficiency. Oh and you will find that you are uninsured unless you have made a special arrangement with your insurance company. Easier and cheaper to get a production blown car if you can. Good luck.