does any one know if you can fit a winch to a fourtrack tdx and if you have any pictures of one that would be great.



Serious steelwork needed.

The front bumper (where they fix winches on Landrovers) looks chunky on 4traks, but the metalwork fixing it to the body is purposely thin and weedy because the socially responsible nanny state doesn't want you to kill people quite so easily.

I guess you will have to extend the chassis rails and provide a solid crossbar directly behind the bumper to attach the winch. Your insurance company will have kittens when they find out, and likely as not cancel your insurance on the spot.

I mentioned this to NFU mutual insurance (that's the National Farmer's Union for non-UK readers), whom you would think would be reasonably understanding about people wishing to use these vehicles for serious work, but got the flat refusal with no possibility of compromise. ( I suggested that I take off the winch for road work, but they weren't even going to buy that ! )


kev rev got a neat set up pictures on the gallery

Daihatsu bought out factory E

Daihatsu bought out factory Electric and PTO winches for Rocky/Fourtraks. I have a PTO on mine.
I would love to see an insurance company decline an application or claim because of a factory fitted accessory.
And there is pics on my site below.


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