Expected mileage- fourtrak fieldman


Just wondering if anyone has a high mileage fourtrak- I would be interested to learn how many miles my Fourtrak might have left. I drive a 'T' Reg Fieldman TDS with 93,000 miles on the clock. I'm running a catering business at weekends and wondered if I should be saving for my next vehicle.

You're barely halfway.

Providing you keep the rust off the bodywork, change the engine oil and filter every 4000 miles and run good oil in the gearboxes and axles, you have at least 10 years of motoring left.

You might have to change the turbo in 50000 miles and you may be getting ready for some wheel bearings soon. The front suspension bottom ball joints go every 5 years or so, but otherwise the vehicle should be sound.

That is very reassuring to he

That is very reassuring to hear as my business is yet to pick up. Many have said that the engine will just keep on going but alot of the Fourtraks on ebay seem to peak at 150K..... I also think maybe they have lost faith. Hope my tracky keeps trucking. Many thanks

Expected mileage

Hi, I drive an '85 fourtrak which has done 171000miles. No problems engine wise, just new water pump and the usual filters. Keep it serviced and it'll run for years.

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1985 Fourtrak 2.8turbo, Spring over axel, on 35,12.5,15s