Deperate Help Needed !


Hijet R reg
When it gets warm and I stop at trafic light ,when I put foot on accelerator to move away the engine stops ! and wont start again for several minute.My local garage as checked for vacuum in tank .its ok. when it stopped they checked for spark .ok. then he sprayed starter fuel into inlet whist turning engine over ,but it still wouldnt start till left for about 5 mins.
When traveling along road "orange" engine light comes on now and again for several seconds then goes out.
Garage says cant help me.Also tried Daihatsu dealer but no joy there "To busy".
Please help , Im desperate..I need it running as I sometimes have to take my daughter to Christies Hospital at short notice.


I'm not very technically minded but spotted your entry. Please look in your manual and explain which light is coming up on the dash. If you haven't got a manual let us know what the symbol looks like. Sorry I can't help any more than this suggestion.


Hiya mate! Sorry to hear you are having problems. This sounds like the classic 'in-line' fuel filter problem. Have you had this checked recently? Have you recently ran out of fuel or do you let your fuel tank run really low before you top-up? I've seen this loads of times before and Daihatsu seem to be more prone to the insides of the fuel tanks becoming all sludged up! It's always worth a look, you should always try the cheapest and easiest options first mate. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Can someone let me know were

Can someone let me know were the inline petrol filter is please Unknw
The "orange" warning light that keeps coming on is the EFI malfuncion light !

A few from the CD repair manual.

There could be numerous reasons. Here are a few simply solutions from my CD Service Guide.

Fuel flow and fuel pressure.
I. Remove and clean the in-line filter.
2. Check the fuel pump is functioning at pressure.
3. Check all fuel pipe/return pipes for any kinks.
Air flow
1. Check all air hoses to the 'carb' are unblocked.
2. Check there is no kink in any PCV hoses.
3. Check the throttle connection is moving freely and air intake valve is clear.
3. Disconnect/clean each connection on the injector wiring.

NB...... fuel lines are pressurised. Be careful if disconnecting fuel pipes.
The in-line fuel filter is the small canister built into the pipe between the tank and the engine. Its probably by the bulkhead although some are by the fuel tank. REMOVE FUEL CAP BEFORE DISCONNECTING or you will get high pressure petrol into your face.


hi mine has just got the same problem.
the light is the engine management light, it will have to be read by a dealer, mines due on monday -fingers crossed!!


hi, van has been in to dealer, they said it is the coolant temperature sensor thats failed,dont know more yet work not yet done!
My van cuts off without pressure on accelerator though,otherwise symptoms same as yours,-hope it might be of help to you!