Sporty Gearbox one thing after another


Hi every one i have bought an extreamly nice sportrack H plate with all the nice bits of paper to go with it. One week later lost reverse, the box was a bit whiny so i decided to change the lot and replace the clutch also. Now being a hairy assed welder to trade and with a little history behind me i thought id have a go. Nine hours later the box is out, the new one (secy hand of course) has been reconnected to what i think is the transfer box and i pick up the clutch in an hour. Having read the pages i am now S**t scared to put the oil in incase i lose reverse by taking out the wrong plugs, HELP can any one guide me here and also i have tried for 2 days to download the manual it comes up on the screen but wont print or save can i purchase a copy on CD from anyone and PS remember im Scottish so it has to be cheeeep and yes it is true we invented copper wire, it was my great uncle Hugh and my grandad fighting over a penny.Any help here would be very much appreciated,

Great site keep up the good work and any chance of a Scottish comvention or north of England cos Wee mary the sporty likes a drink !!


Sportrak Gearbox fill Plug

The gearbox fill plug is located halfway up the left hand side of the gearbox and has a large hex head. Remove the plug and fill until the oil level just reaches the bottom of the plug hole. I can email you a copy of the Sportrak manual section for manual transmissions if needed or you can buy the complete service manual on CD from LurcH.

David Mc