Fuel leakage...


My 89 Sporty seemed to be using a hell of a lot of fuel. I did all the general things that people list to help with fuel consumption and none seemed to help.
Last week I noticed that after filling up there was a strong smell of petrol as I drove along so I stopped to check. There was a large amount of fuel leaked out round the petrol cap, and on closer inspection it seemed to have been blown out the breather hole in the fuel cap. I've been monitoring it since and it would appear if I have any more than 2/3 of a tank it pours out the breather hole.
Any idea's what may be causing this leakage? Is there another breather pipe somewhere that may be blocked? Scratch one-s head

fuel leak

in the back take off the drivers side rear panel you will see your breather pipes if you un-bolt the bracket you will find a one way valve check this is not blocked, if you are unsure of this call us on 07733370038 ask for steve. cheers