oil pinion seal


how easy is it to replace this seal never had to do one before so though id ask here its on the rear diff on a 94 fourtrack see my pic in the galleries section if its fairly sraight forward then ill do it my self if not got someone lined up to do it i already have a new seal Help

Its relatively simple in theo

Its relatively simple in theory. Basically remove the rear driveshaft, release the lock tabs from the large nut undo and remove the remaining part of the shaft. The oil seal is then visible. But I have to say mine wasn't simple and I've got to re-do it as the old seal had a metal inner and that was entirely rusted into place. I failed miserably to get it out and would welcome any techniques from anyone who has managed to get one out! My next plan is to drill it out but I'd love to hear an easier way!!

pinion oil seal

Did you use a bearing removal tool or try to lever it out with a pry bar? The danger of trying to drill it out is that you will damage the casing.

I have to say I tried leverin

I have to say I tried levering but the rubber top of the seal just parted from the metal part that remained behind well and truly rusted in. What kind of bearing removal tool might work?

rear pinion bearing removal

There are two and three leg pullers available, inside and outside hold. The official tool is a two leg one I think. I have used a set bought from Machine Mart for about £18 (but not on the fourtrak) and they worked fine. They work by holding onto the back of the bearing which is a metal flange, and give a straight pull out, which is the exact reverse of the way the bearing went in. The problem with levering is that it just puts pressure on to the side, but the bearing cannot move sideways because it is tight in the casing. Hence only the rubber front rips.

rear pinion oil seal

I refered to bearing because they are generally called bearing removal tools, but they work the same way on the oil seal. Make sure the legs have a firm grip on the metal clyinder of the seal and not the rubber, and when pressure is applied to the centre bolt the rubber coated metal tube part of the seal should slide out of the axle casting.