My Daihatsu's Electrical problem


Dear Colleagues...

I have some problems on my Applause...

During the last few months, I used to experiance problems with the high beam and lower beam. In fact once a month I have to dismantle the steering column switch and clean the contacts. In fact whilst cleaning, I notice that with the terminals of the high and low beams some carbon deposits are present. When cleaning I use electrical cleaner and after I'm finished I use a small sanding paper to clear the contacts from any oxide. I re-treat the contacts once again with contact cleaner and everything will be fine for roughly a month's time

At times when I was testing, the connection between the switch and the wiring loom, the loom heats up and at the connector of the loom, the wiring seems semi-burnt.

The switch is new and the bulbs were replaced with the original specs.

Could any body please Help ...


Sounds liek you may need an a

Sounds liek you may need an auto electrician. YOu may find the wire has corroded from the inside, I've had this one one of my GTtis.

This could also be the cause of your engine problems perhaps.

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Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club