My Daihatsu's Engine Problem


How could I help to eliminate engine hesitation during abrupt acceleration?

Last December I was driving to work with fuel running low in my tank when at one point in time I managed to drive over a "POT HOLE" and the engine started to jerk and perform badly. Until then, as I continued driving to the nearest station I refuelled the engine seemed to be recovering engine power was being restored. I visited mechanics a number of times to clean the carburettor and tank but it seems that on abrupt acceleration or when the engine is still cold, unfortunately the engine hesitates to perform well. Some other thing that I noticed was that as soon as the rev counter reaches the three thousand mark the engine suddenly gives a significant power increase. Please note that the vehicle has no fitted turbo's because this could deviate from the answers I need.

Also, I took it to a garage where I performed a comuterised test of the engine but it seems that the power balance is poor when testing the cylinders individually but relative compression on each cylinder is registered at 100%.

If any one could give me clues of what could be the answer please post me any relevant material.

May I thank you in advance for the feedback posted.

Karl Bonnici.

Re: Daihatsu Model.

Hi Dave...

Sorry for not pasting the model. My Daihatsu is an Applause 1991 equipped with a carburettor.