sportrak overheating


hi guys got a bit of a prob with my baby sportrak the temp gauge is forever going up into the red within 10 mins of driving.
Its def not the head gasket,
but i have noticed wen i start her up i hear water running through the engine in abig gush. she does loose quite a bit of water at times but not all the time, any ideas peeps please doing my head in ?~rich~

thats kinda sporty

thats kinda sporty always started for me.i would say that maybe the thermostat is stuck open.youll need a new one.

You say is definitely not hea

You say is definitely not head gasket..what makes you sure of this Unknw

If not head could be cracked block..hope not though..

If its loosing coolant then you may have minor leak at rad or hoses that is not easy to spot...check rad and all hoses (had similar problem with another make of car which turned out to be pinhole leak in radiator).

I would suggest that you flush the complete cooling system, change thermostat and see if that improves things.

If its been overheating then it will be difficult to it carb or injection model...if efi then you can read fault codes from the ECU a search on here lots has been posted on how to do it...sorry but I am fourtrak familiar not will be a case of eliminating what it is not to get to the what is causing the overheating.

Buy a can of damp start from any accessory shop and spray all electrical connections,sensors,ecu etc under the bonnet.
Let us know how you get on.

could b right about the block

Yeah well
i have checked the hoses tere all fine thermo had been sticking so left it out now for a few days c if that helps he head is fine cos i had it skimmed and i done the gasket and as i used to do them day in day out i know its right, ummm its injection had to think then lol
but i did suspect the block the poor sod is on 266000 miles nowso i should really get another engine or at least rebore her out etc but withmy business its finding the time lol will keep ya allinformed tho wat happens cheers fellas ;)~rich~

Probably the radiator cap.

Water gushing on start-up ........
Your obviously loosing water. If you can see no obvious leak then suspect the radiator cap is escaping steam when pressurised. A hot engine can loose an amazing volume of water throught the radiator cap within a short distance. Any water on top of the radiator evapourates when the rad is hot so you dont know its leaking. When the coolant has lowered an air lock forms and the engine overheats.
Try bending/squashing the rad cap's taps to get a very snug fit or cut a rad-cap replacement rubber seal [inner tube is ideal] or buy a new rad-cap.

Another suggestion ... is the carpet wet down the drive-shaft tunnel below the radio level with the drivers feet? The heater matix leaks and drips onto the carpet - the rushing water effect is then heard when the engine starts and water is pumped to fill the void ithe matrix.

Thermostat ... stuck open and the engine will over-cool. If thermostat is stuck closed the engine will overheat.However, the radiator will be much cooler than the engine .. so next time it overheats, touch test the radiator.

........ NB an overheated engine will blow the cylinder heat !!!