my toy


hi i'm new hello to you all.5 day's ago i purchased a green sportrak "K" reg 1993 full history two owners wife then husband he at the age of 62 year's young has had his liceince taken away due to ill health so some friends of his have sold it on .with 54000 mls on the clock and history to back it up i recon i got a bargain at £1600 .this thing is so clean it just beg's to go greenlaneing but on strict instruction's from my wife it's got to stay clean (for now).

anyway just one small question the idle speed is a little high should be 800 + 50rpm for the power steering model mine wont drop down past 1100-1150 i have tryed to adjust on the throttle stop but there is no change???????????

sorry for the picture i see it's in the wrong place and should be in the gallery wont happen again