Windscreen washer fluid


Hi Jet.

I drive a Diahatsu hi Jet for a disabled person, its two and a half years old and I can't open the bonnet in order to replenish the washer fluid. I've looked all around for some sort of handle to release it, but danged if I can find it. One of the previous employees must have thrown the manual away.


brendan (London)

Washer bottle.

Hi Brendan,
you will be looking for ever, there is'nt one.
Access to the engine etc is via lifting the front seats.
You will find a toggle catch at the front of each seat, lift and un-hook the catch and tip the seat backwards.
Be careful not to fill up the radiator expansion tank by mistake.
The front grill panel does come off but great care must be taken or the clips snap off.
The front panel is only ever used to access the radiator, although topping up is also done from under the seats.
Hope this helps,

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